Exploring the Mind Body Connection in Therapy- The Focusing perspective
Trainers: Su Orosa and Graham Molyneux

This one day workshop is the first in a serious of workshops that will be offered exploring the connection between mind and body.
This workshop will be around the ideas of Eugene Gendlin that each and every situation we experience in life starts with a bodily experience, a physical felt sense that becomes symbolised as thoughts and feelings and actions.
For Gendlin the person in touch with and connected to these felt senses was able to process their experiences around the situations in their lives in a positive and forward moving way. When the person was not connected or in touch with their felt senses, when these were blocked or stalled in the body in some way, the person was not as able to process their experiences in the same positive and forward moving way.

The workshop will focus on experiential work to enable the participants in the workshop to engage with their felt senses around given situations and to identify and open up felt senses around experiences that are blocked or stalled in some way.

Date: Saturday 7th of September
Fee: £70
Deposit on booking: £40
Venue: Southcoastwellbeingandtraining. Eastbourne.

Certificate in Group Facilitation
Trainers: Graham Molyneux and Sue Creenan

The course will examine group dynamics and the stages groups often follow from forming to ending. The roles people take in groups and the impact of groups on the individual members of the group will also be examined. Different methods of group facilitation will be central to the learning on the course. Aspects of group work covered will include:

* Preparing and planning for group work
* Setting up a group
* Aims and outcomes
* Structure
* Contracts and ground rules
* Roles in groups
* Facilitation skills
* Difficulties and dilemmas in group facilitation

The course will run over three weekends from June to August 2019:

Weekend 1.
Saturday 14rd/Sunday 15th of Sep 2019

Weekend 2.
Saturday 12th /Sunday 13th of Oct 2019

Weekend 3
Saturday 9th/Sunday the 10th of Nov 2019

Fee: £395
Deposit on booking: £95
Instalment option
Venue: Southcoastwellbeingandtraining. Eastbourne.

Introduction to Mindfulness
Trainers: Graham Molyneux and Su Orosa

This weekend workshop will be largely experiential to enable participants in the workshop to develop understanding of Mindfulness and to apply Mindfulness to personal and therapeutic practice.

The workshop will also provide participants who are talking and physical therapists with Mindfulness knowledge and skills to apply to their own practices.
The weekend will focus on:
* The meaning and features of mindfulness
* The benefits of mindfulness meditation
* Developing a mindfulness attitude
* Different meditation techniques
* The use of mindfulness in daily life.
* The use of mindfulness in personal change and growth

Saturday5th/Sunday the 6th of Oct 2019

Venue: Southcoastwellbeingandtraining. Eastbourne
Psychodrama: Discovery and Change
Trainers: Graham Molyneux and Su Orosa

A core principle of psychodrama is that creatively and spontaneity are propelling forces in growth and change. Through a readiness to improvise and respond in the moment in the psychodrama process change can occur in situations that may be keeping the person stuck in negative and self-defeating ways of being.

By encouraging the person to address a problem or a relationship difficulty in a creative way, reacting spontaneously and based on impulse, they may begin to discover new solutions to problems in their lives and learn new ways of being.

In the psychodrama group, one member of the group will focus on particular a situation to explore. A variety of situations may be explored, for example, unfinished situations in the person’s life, changes the person may want in their themselves or in relationships, or preparations for future risk-taking

The person exploring their situation uses other members of the group to role play significant parts of the themselves and through this process. This then can lead to a more general positive change in the persons sense of themselves.

Date Saturday 9th/Sunday 10th of November 2019
Fee: £140

Deposit on booking £70
Venue: Southcoastwellbeingandtraining. Eastbourne.